Our early childhood classroom is open for all services offering your little one a safe space to hear a Bible lesson just for them. Using the High Voltage Kids preschool curriculum, the Bible is brought to life through object lessons, crafts, games, songs, and more. 



In Summer 2024, kids and preschoolers will begin to understand that no one is like Jesus. He did things on earth to show He is the Messiah and Savior. Kids and preschoolers will hear about the first church in Acts and explore what churches do today. During this quarter, they will begin to explore God as the Creator. Featured stories include:

  • Jesus Told the Parable of the Good Samaritan
  • Jesus Healed a Man Born Blind
  • The First Church
  • The Church Chose Leaders
  • The Creation
  • And more!

As preschoolers and kids grow in God's Word, they will hear about these concept areas from the Levels of Biblical Learning: Jesus, Church, and Creation.


Life is full of challenges, and children are not immune to them.  They face issues like anxiety, depression, fear, low self-worth, stress, and loneliness.  In this “Deal With It!” series, we want kids to understand that they’re not alone and there’s a God-sized solution for every problem.

This series will help children navigate the choppiest waters of life.  Just like Philippians 4:6-7 encourages us not to be anxious but to bring everything in prayer to God, the children will learn to deal with their anxieties, fears, and stresses in the light of God’s Word.

Each lesson in this series is rooted in biblical truth and practical application to help them deal with life’s biggest challenges — God’s way.  Throughout the Bible, we find heroes of faith who dealt with adversity by leaning on God.  Through their stories, kids will learn that when they give their problems to God, they can find peace that passes all understanding.

We hope the “Deal With It!” series will strengthen your children’s faith and resilience.  Our desire is to equip them not only to face their own issues but to also be a light to others who are struggling.